When you open a magazine, click on the top/bottom corners to change pages. When time permits, all seasons will be replaced by thumbnails of each cover.
FONT PROBLEM - I used Arial Rounded MT Bold extensively over the years and added a shadow effect to the font, especially for headings. It appears that
the added Shadow looks very odd when the magazines have been converted into the Internet software. Sorry but it is simply too late to go back and change
everything but I will ensure that in the future I will try without Shadow effect or just change the font to another.

The end box on the magazines toolbar at the bottom will increase it to full page. But the end size will be dictated by the size of your monitor.
To go to a specific page, put the page number in the white box. And the toolbar plus sign + will increase the page size to read it.


May 2023 PDF File         August 2023 PDF File

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                   Spring           Summer           June           August           November

                   Spring           Cover Font Change

          Winter           Autumn           Summer           Spring





                                             The Spring Issue had a Landscape Cover not Portrait.

                                    There was no Summer Issue in 2014.

                                             The Summer Issue had a Landscape Cover not Portrait.


There are more magazines yet to download but it is a slow process.